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Contact Lens Exams, Fittings, & Brands in Woodstock, ON

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Discover Your Perfect Contact Lenses

Your eyes are unique, and at Woodstock Vision Care, we believe in a personalized approach to finding contact lenses that suit your lifestyle and vision goals. We prioritize your comfort and visual needs, helping you to enjoy the benefits of clear, stable vision with our carefully curated selection of contact lenses.

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How Contact Lenses Can Enhance Your Life

Contact lenses offer vision correction that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a fashion-forward creative, or simply seeking an alternative to glasses, contact lenses can provide the freedom and flexibility you desire. Our comprehensive contact lens exam and fitting are designed to find the perfect match for your eyes.

The Contact Lens Exam Process

Our comprehensive contact lens appointments have taken everything into account. Here’s what you can expect when you come in for your appointment.

We begin with a comprehensive eye exam, reviewing your medical history and assessing your eyes for conditions that may affect contact lens wear.

Precise measurements using modern technology, including corneal topography, help us determine the right contact lens style, power, and curvature for your eyes.

A trial pair is provided that offers comfort, clear vision, and suitability for your lifestyle. If adjustments are needed, we explore different options until we find the right fit.

Answering Your Common Questions & Concerns

Embarking on the journey of wearing contact lenses often comes with questions and concerns. Our experienced team is here to address common questions, such as:

  • Comfort: Will contact lenses be comfortable for my eyes?
  • Care: How do I maintain and care for my contact lenses?
  • Fit: Will they fit my eyes properly?
  • Lifestyle: Can I wear them during physical activities or for special occasions?

Our team can guide you through the process, providing answers and support at every step.

Contact Lens Maintenance Tips

Proper care is essential for maintaining eye health and comfort while wearing contact lenses. Our optometrists will provide tailored instructions based on the type of lenses you choose. 

A universal rule is to always wash your hands thoroughly before handling lenses to minimize the risk of bacterial exposure.

MiSight & Abiliti for Myopia Control

If you’re concerned about myopia progression in your child, we have several myopia control options to help, including MiSight and Abiliti contact lenses.

These treatments are designed to address and control myopia, offering a proactive approach to your child’s eye health.

Exploring Your Contact Lens Options

At Woodstock Vision Care, we’re not just about eye exams; we’re about finding the perfect contact lenses for you. Browse our online store for different contact lens products or book an appointment online today to update your prescription or explore new contact lens options.

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