Advanced Eyewear for Athletes, Workers and Hobbyists

If you’re an active sportsperson – competing at any level – then you need eyewear which will never let you down. Whether that means seeing the ball more clearly, enhancing contrast on the court or being lightweight and robust enough to withstand contact, we have got you covered.

We work with a range of athletes, providing them with eye care that is tailored to their sport and lifestyle. Can you imagine your eyeglasses breaking during the last few minutes of a big game? Let’s give you some titanium frames to be on the safe side. That’s just one small example of how using exactly the right eyewear can be a total game changer.

Using Specialty Glasses to Reduce Eye Strain


The blue light which is constantly emitted from modern laptop and TV screens (non-visible blue light, similar to ultraviolet) has been proven to be potentially damaging to our retinas, as well as contributing to digital eye strain, a condition which affects more than 70% of Millennials.

Modern technology has enabled the development of so-called computer glasses. These reduce the effects of glare and absorb blue light without adversely affecting the colour perceived by our eyes. They can also be tailored specifically for your desk setup (at work, for instance) and will reduce the amount of effort required by your focusing muscles; this is a major contributor to digital eye strain, so will definitely enhance your performance at work.

Protecting Your Vision at Work – It Doesn’t Cost Much

The number of workplace eye injuries in Canada is almost overwhelming, but even worse is the fact that a majority of them are completely preventable. Even if you can’t perceive an imminent threat to your vision, any recommendations from the workplace are there for a reason. In particular, those who work with chemicals or heavy machinery must wear some form of goggles or alternative eyewear.

We can even help design custom eyewear for those with specific needs. Just drop in for a visit and we can discuss everything at length. You only get two eyes, so don’t take the risk by neglecting your safety equipment.

Specialised Eyewear You May Not Have Heard Of

We all know how it feels to be driving along the road on a sunny day and then be temporarily stunned by the glare from a passing car body, or the harsh light of LED headlights in your rear-view mirror at night. Driving glasses are designed simply to absorb a lot of that glare, keeping you safer on the roads. Even better, they can enhance contrast so you can differentiate between people, obstacles and road markings more easily.