Enjoy the World in Detail Without Eyeglasses

If you wear eyeglasses, don’t you ever get tired of taking them on and off, losing them about the house and, sometimes, dropping them on a hard surface? How many times per day do you need to clean your glasses?

For anyone suffering from a refractive error with their vision, modern contact lenses are available which offer the same corrective ability as eyeglasses, without the inconvenience.

Following your eye exam, the lab at Woodstock Vision Care can either provide you with a suitable pair of lenses or fabricate a new pair on-site, depending on your needs and wants. This all-in-one service is part of our ongoing commitment to bringing the very best eye care to Woodstock.

An Hour of Waiting for a Lifetime of Clarity

For current contact lens wearers looking to move into a new type or schedule of contact lens, we can fit a new pair based on your corneal structure.

If you are seeking contact lenses for the first time, we recommend booking an appointment with Dr. Kassam to have your prescription verified.

Eye Exam

The first thing to do is have Dr. Kassam perform an overall assessment of your eye health. There are certain eye conditions which may prohibit you from wearing contact lenses, so it’s best to make sure your eyes are in great shape before moving on.

It’s also imperative that we intimately understand the size, shape and prescription needs of your eyes, so that we can provide you with the perfect lens as soon as possible.

While eyeglasses can be swapped between different people, the perfect contact lens will be uniquely yours, not only in terms of fitting, but also in how they blend into your daily schedule. Some lenses you discard every evening, while others can last up to several weeks; we’ll talk you through the potential pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

We understand that poking yourself in the eye doesn’t come naturally, so we’ll sit down and teach you the best way to insert and remove your lenses. Occasionally a lens will move in your eye, becoming uncomfortable – we’ll also talk you through how to fix that. There’s no need to worry as this procedure usually becomes second-nature within a few days.

The eye exam tells us your prescription, but finding the lenses which feel perfect doesn’t always happen first time. We’ll send you home with a pair of so-called “trial” lenses: if they give you any discomfort or don’t feel quite right, we’ll reassess and try a more suitable pair. It is rare that any patient tries more than 2-3 types of lens before striking gold.

Common Questions About Contact Lenses

How long will my lenses last?

If you aren’t using daily disposable lenses, then there’s no single answer. Longer-term lenses can be worn for up to several weeks, and wear schedules to suit your lifestyle can be created to accommodate. This is a conversation between you and Dr. Kassam.

Yes. Modern lenses are equipped to deal with virtually any refractive error, just like eyeglasses. For astigmatism, toric contact lenses are an excellent solution. Toric lenses contain multiple lens powers as well as stabilizing technology to ensure they properly address your astigmatism.

The long-term lenses are usually just stored in a contact lens solution overnight, so the ‘cleaning’ process is done in the background. You’ll be given comprehensive instructions from Dr. Kassam on how to care for and maintain your lenses.